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Welcome to Vajra Creative.

Vajra Creative, is a team of motion graphic designers who can help you, put forward your organizational goal towards your clients in a very simple and easy to understand manner.

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We create and develop amazing things.

Explanation Videos, Infographics Videos and Whiteboard animation.

Explanation Videos

Explain your idea, service or product through animated video within couple of minutes.

Infographic Videos

Make your presentation dynamic with animated infographic and get rid of boring presentation.

Whiteboard Animation

Create your very own handcrafted, professional whiteboard animation in afforable rate.

Awesome work makes happy clients.

We believe in quality to quantity and client's satisfaction is our core concern.

Tweet My Events

Tweet My Events Infographics Video.

Search Engine Officer

Whiteboard animation for Search Engine Officer.

Our Service Video..

Custom, professional video without blowing your budget.

"HOW TO" video ..

Simple "How to" video for cashback.com.mt

Expense Saving Partner

Whiteboard animation for Expense Saving Partner

Hytech Computer Solution

Explanation Video for Hytech Computer Solution.

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